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STATEMENT VOLUMINIOUS GORGEOUS CONVERSATION PIECE... you cant understand until  you are uncrating this special art piece and seeing it in person.

Starstuck !   Is it's name and stunning it is !  This is a 42 -43 inch custom made circular starfish mirror.  This is something you won't forget and will HAVE to have.  What a statement this mirror makes in every place it goes into.  It's breath taking and conversation piece of the year !  Imagine THIS in your entry hall or above your couch or on the focal wall in your great room...endless possibilities but equally stunning anywhere it resides.

**this mirror also comes in another size 34" please see that listing also.

An abundance of pencil white starfish ranging from itty bitty to big daddy !  It's gorgeous .  I can make other sizes but this by far is a universal size and has been extremely popular for everyone.


**PLEASE NOTE:  Processing times vary due to current orders to be filled. Please inquire before purchase. Thank you 


***PLEASE NOTE:   The shipping and the crating of the mirror is seperate and  will be managed and payed for through two private  companies that I use located here in Naples, FL.  Upon completion of the mirror I will make the connection between you, the purchaser and the two providers.


I am always interested in having a phone conversation to establish the specifics for custom mirrors once you know you want to place an order .  It helps both of us be on the same page and answer any questions you may have.

Thank you


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