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Hi and welcome to KP SEASHELL DESIGNS.  


*****IMPORTANT MESSAGE from the artist and shop owner.    Please retain this information for your reference.


**** Processing time is 6 - 8 weeks from order date.


You will receive an Email from me the day your tree ships with tracking for FEDEX.


For your information !!  I am always interested in creating a one of a kind designed artisan piece especially for you.  That process takes time and cannot be rushed.  I am meticulous and thoughtful during the creating process and that is why these trees are just so special.  Orders are processed in the order in which they come in.  Please know you would have this special arrangement for years to come and certainly something very happy and beautiful to look forward to receiving.     

A grouping of five beautiful sea glass trees all of different shapes and height for a spectacular display !!  This is like no other coastal design and a conversation piece for sure.  Every lovely shade of blue, turquoise, green and more that you can imagine is incorporated into these trees. a combination of the most gorgeous tumbled manmade beach glass has been compiled for the ultimate desirable palette.   Impeccable detail and design motif is here all in one beautiful forest of tumbled beached glass.

These are hand made one at a time especially for you.  They are packed incredibly well and shipped only through Fedex. 

Each tree is personally wrapped And packed  meticulously for safe travel and arrival.  The larger ones require their own box but the smaller ones may be combined.  You will receive at least three boxes.

This order consists of:

1 LARGE 12"
1 SMALL 6"
1 MINI 4”


At checkout you will have the option to choose a lighting varitions. The WITH LIGHTS 

option includes the Extra Large and Large trees only.

Set of 5 Sea Glass Trees

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