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Nothing short of spectacular. This mirror is a WOW!! The mirror is 31” and a stunning display of gorgeous shade of aqua and turquoise shells each one unique. Each shell placed specifically so the design reaches its biggest impact. the exterior and interior of the frame is ALWAYS trimmed with miniature shells so it has a finished beautiful look. Absolutey everyone asks if I painted the shells, thats how impressive of a color they are. This is a perfect versatile size for almost all spaces. If you feel you would like bigger it can also be made in a 38" size.


The frame is custom made and then I install a 100 lb. cable across back for hanging.

This mirror can also be made in the 38 " size as well.

Lead time is approximately two weeks for completion if mirror is not in stock.

Shipping is separate.

All Shades of Aqua Shell Mirror

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